Marching Band Problems

Marching Band (n.) Something that you love despite the fact that it consumes your whole life and that it's basically a living hell.
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225. The first competition of the season.
224. That time of month.
223. Summer ending early because of band camp
222. Members who don’t go to parades
221. The season going into December. 

How do I make sure I'm marching on time, by looking at the DM, when its in 3/4 or 5/4?


Your left foot isn’t going to be the first foot you step off with for every measure.

Let’s say you have 5 measures of 3/4:

1 2 3 | 2 2 3 | 3 2 3 | 4 2 3 | 5 2 3

Every odd measure, you’re going to be stepping off with your left foot.
Every even measure, you’re going to be stepping off with your right foot.

I honestly don’t know if this helped so if you guys can add on, that’d be great! 


To the other anon worried about being shunned: Band people won't shun you for not knowing what youre doing, quite the opposite actually. We help each other because we want to see everyone better.


Hello ^.^; So i have decided to join marching band next year...however, i'm going to be a junior in high school and just now learning how to read music/ play flute._. I was just wondering if you had any tips for how a "late joiner?" could fit in, without being shunned by my non-bandness. TT~TT Thank you ^.^;


One of my friends is a senior and just joined marching band this year and had never read music a day of their life but now they’re better at reading than me lol

But hey, practicepracticepractice!
Get a beginners book and try to learn as much as you can.  Always ask help from your band director, section leaders, and your friends in general!
When your flute isn’t on you, learn how to read music. It’ll all add up.
Hope you enjoy it! :) 

220. Not understanding football.
219. Band couples.